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CHCH Video: Radon gas dangers

CHCH TV: Radon Action Month with Canada Radon



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David Suzuki - Revisiting Canada's Radon Guidelines

Canadian Lung Cancer Relative Risk from Radon Exposure for Short Periods in Childhood Compared to a Lifetime

Radon in Children   Children Exposure | Evict Radon

Health Canada – Radon reduction Guide

Mike Holmes speaks out on Radon

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Health Canada – Radon for Builders and Designers

Reducing Radon Levels in Existing Homes: A Canadian Guide for Professional Contractors

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Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists

Take Action on radon – an informative site sponsored by Health Canada

Evict Radon

Lung Cancer Canada

Radiation Safety Institute of Canada

Radon in the News

Ontario Home Builders' Association - The Enemy Within: Canada’s radon threat is getting worse, and code adjustments are likely to follow

CBC: 1 in 7 Hamilton homes likely have radon levels that triple Ontario average

Winnipeg homeowner finds radon gas levels 10x above recommended level

Regina may have the most radon-exposed population in the world: researcher

Public Health warns of radon levels after high numbers recorded in several Kingston-area homes