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A high concentration of radon gas in the home is the leading cause of lung cancer after smoking; and 10x more dangerous for children. The good news: radon gas in the home can be reliably controlled so that it never gets to hazardous levels.

How Radon Enters The Home

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How Can Canada Radon Help?


The only way to know if radon is present in the living space at hazardous levels is to test for it. We are C-NRPP licensed and certified to perform short-term radon measurement in 48 hours, or we can provide highly accurate long term test kits that monitor radon levels for 91 days up to a year.

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Site Inspection/Assessment

Canada Radon provides consultation, inspection and design services for residential new construction and retrofit mitigation applications. We will determine the proper location and design of your system to achieve maximum radon reduction considering structural layout, aesthetics and cost.

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Sub-Slab Depressurization

The most effective way to prevent radon from entering the living space is soil depressurization which draws radon from below the basement slab and safely discharges it to the outside air. This technique is known as Active Soil Depressurization (ASD).

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