Site Assessments

Canada Radon provides consultation, inspection and design services for residential new construction and retrofit mitigation applications.  A C-NRPP licensed and certified radon mitigation specialist will assess your existing structure for vulnerability to radon intrusion and mitigation feasibility. 

We will determine the proper location and design of your system to achieve maximum radon reduction considering structural layout, aesthetics and cost.  Once testing is complete, the proper mitigation strategy can be implemented. Contact us for a site assessment.



The only way to know if a dwelling is concentrating hazardous levels of radon gas is to test. A certified radon measurement specialist will perform short-term testing (48 hours or less) to determine whether or not high concentrations of radon are present in the home.  If they are not, a longer 91 day test period will be performed to ensure that the initial low radon readings are truly representative over seasonal variations in the home. Learn more here.


Radon Mitigation

The Active Soil Depressurization system is the most effective way to mitigate radon as well as other soil gas entry into the home.  ASD systems offer the added benefit of a drier basement as well as the prevention of moisture related odors and mold growth. Canada Radon can install its depressurization systems in both new construction and, subject to site assessment, in retrofit applications once construction is complete. Learn more here.


Radon In Well Water

Mitigate radon in your well water before it enters your home with AirwellTM and see radon reductions up to 99%.   This new technology solves the problem of radon in well water before the water enters your home. AirwellTM sustains a “down the well” process indefinitely without debilitating scaling and bio-fouling.  AirwellTM is the latest product in a line-up of exciting new radon mitigation innovations from Radon Environmental, and Canada Radon is pleased to be their Authorized Dealer for Southern Ontario.  Learn more here.

New Construction

Radon in new homes can be as prevalent as radon in older homes.  Geography and weather alone can affect the concentration levels of radon gas in any given area or home.  The good news is that designing new homes for radon-mitigation will ensure lowest cost and the most effective system design so that radon will never be a problem. With an active or passive mitigation system in place,  homeowners can enjoy peace of mind and a healthy indoor living space. Learn more here.


Post-Mitigation Reporting and Maintenance

Once radon has been mitigated in the home, Canada Radon provides a detailed post-mitigation report certifying safe radon levels.   This report follows a long term radon measurement test, and can be a valuable asset for warranty records and as a part of the homeowner’s package when it comes time to sell the property.  Follow-up testing, reporting and system maintenance services are available at reasonable prices for the life of the mitigation system. Learn more here.

Our Full Service Guarantee –  Safe Radon Levels, Healthier Air, Peace of Mind

Canada Radon is C-NRPP certified and insured to perform new construction radon-mitigation installations and post-installation radon measurement.  To ensure peace of mind for our builder clients and their homeowners, Canada Radon guarantees radon mitigation with our 4-step process:

  1. Passive Subfloor Depressurization (PSD) custom tailored to each home’s unique layout and plan.
  2. After move-in, perform long-term radon testing (minimum 91 days) in accordance with local regulations.
  3. Subject to test results, take corrective action as needed (e.g., addition of radon suction fan).
  4. Provide documentation package including confirmation of system performance, operation instructions and detailed radon measurement report for homeowner and builder’s warranty file.

End Result … 

Guaranteed Radon Mitigation, No Surprises.